2019 - now



This is the company that provides me with new projects to work on. Even though I work full-time on my project, I have each month a few days where I work for Wheelhouse. There I write blogs, marketing content, organize workshops and work on an inclusive work environment

2020 - 2022



AHOVOKS is a Flemish government agency focused on different aspects of education. As a developer and designer I help maintaining and creating applications by working with Figma, Angular and Storybook.

2018 - 2020



VDAB is again a Flemish government agency focused on providing work. I worked as an Angular developer, not only did I make applications, I also helped the team with learning Angular and was one of the founding members of the component library

2017 - 2019

Full stack developer


This was the first company I ever worked for, their main focus is making prototypes, so I worked as a full-stack and did a lot of different stuff: chatbots, web applications, designs for Pepper-robots,... After that, I started to do more consultancy (see my project at VDAB). Later I switched to their sister company Wheelhouse because their main focus was consultancy.

2016 - 2017

Python coach


I volunteered at Coderdojo Geel to learn kids Python as a coach. I did this for more than a year and made a Python course that they still use today. Which I think is cool, even though I don't really have time to do Coderdojo anymore, my influence is still visible in the organization